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Mary Alice Pouiot

Dr. Mary Alice Pouliot

Phone: 251-221-1040


Twitter: @MAPcreations

Welcome to your library, Barton Explorers! I hope to facilitate learning in the library that fosters a love of reading, writing, drawing, technology, entrepreneurial thinking, and the 4 C's (creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking).

The media center is proud to offer a unique Entrepreneur-Shop & Barton Boulevard of Businesses, a "R&R" or "Read & Relax" Tuesday elective and a "Digital Creations & Reading" Thursday elective, and collaborative teaching with a flexible schedule. I enjoy supporting students as they write, create movies, hunt for great books, and develop information literacy.

Remember, middle and high schools in MCPSS have flexible library schedules; so, I teach whole group lessons, but there are also times where the library is open and available for additional lessons or as a place to come, chill, read, study, create, etc. As you see time open up in your schedule, seek out the library! Make the time to come and read or talk about books in our "Ideation Lounge" with the super inviting egg-shaped chairs. It makes my day to see you eager to read!

Adventure awaits under the dome at Barton Academy for Advanced World Studies!

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Is there a title you'd like to see in your library? Suggest books & resources to Dr. Pouliot here!

Adventure Awaits!